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Helen Kramer

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Helen Kramer
My Book: "Liberating the Adult Within"

In the 1990's. I became troubled by explanations that seemed to blame people for not attaining or maintaining lasting change. Calling people resistant, masochistic, self sabotaging etc. didn't resonate with my observation that people truly desire to feel better I believed there had to be another explanation for the difficulties people had. In my book, "Liberating The Adult Within", Simon & Schuster 1994, I identified the biological reflex, I call Emotional Dyslexia or ED, to emphasize that there is a physiological impediment to our ability to change. Simply put, our brains misread stress for danger and signals go to the primitive "fight or flight" part of our brain. When this happens we have the resources of a young child when we really need to be able to react to stress with all our adult brain power. Because of this biological reflex we often form emotional reactions that are the opposite of those we need in times of stress. I developed a special kind of "emotional education" that allows people to identify and then override this biological reflex. Using this system allows people to develop mature, fulfilling emotional responses, even in stressful situations.
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