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Helen Kramer

Helen Kramer

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222 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003
Helen Kramer
Co-Founder and Co-Director of PCS (Personal Change System)
Author, Life Coach, Pioneer in the area of Emotional Education, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Corporate Consultant

Joan Erskine

How My Work Accelerates Personal Change

My work has been devoted to identifying and removing all the interferences that keep you from reaching your desired goals:

  • feeling good about yourself
  • loving and being loved
  • feeling dignified and joyful
  • finding fulfillment and meaning in your life
  • coping effectively with inevitable life stresses

I believe that we are living in exciting times. There has been an explosion of research, revolutionizing our understanding of how our emotions are formed and how they can be transformed. This research has allowed me to develop more tools to enable people to accelerate their fundamental desire for personal change. In the past, without adequate understanding, people suffered because they didn't have the necessary "emotional education". We now have the opportunity to not only end this unnecessary suffering, but to attain the personal change you both deserve and desire.

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